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nGen is a free multi-platform computer-music application by composer Mikel Kuehn that creates computer music event lists. The current version (2.1.1) makes Csound event lists ("score" files) and standard MIDI files. Currently the source code for nGen is not available, but I hope to make it open source in the near future.

Click here to view a more detailed description.

Click here to see an example.

You can browse the manual online to get an idea of how nGen works. Included in the manual are a host of inline examples as well as links to fully functional example files (with companion Csound orchestras).

View the online HTML nGen Manual (version 2)


  • Mac OS binary (Intel) and the current manual, click here.
  • Linux binary (Intel 64 bit) and the current manual, click here.
  • Linux binary (Intel 32 bit) and the current manual, click here.

I hope you will find this tool useful! If you do (or you have specific suggestions or bug reports), please email me with your comments.

Mikel Kuehn

N.B. nGen and the nGen Manual are Copyright © 2000-2014 by Mikel Kuehn, All Rights Reserved, and are provided with no warranties.