The nGen

Mikel Kuehn
Bowling Green
State University
Copyright (c) 2000-2015

Version 2.1.1
September, 2011


What's New?
How Does nGen Work?
Program Output
MIDI Files
Included Examples
Basic File Syntax
Formatting Considerations
G-Area and I-Blocks

P2 (start times)
P3 (duration codes)

Commenting Text
Internal Data Storage

Special Characters
 > (Direct Output)
/ (slash)
x (lower case "x")
, (comma)
<> (Data Queue)
z (the "z" variable)

Functions and Commands
rs (random seed)
rd (global rand dev)
dv (p-field rand dev)
pf (scaling value)
te (tempo)

Input filters
db (DeciBels)
in (Integers)
no (Notes)
nox ("NO" Extended)
op (Octave-Point-Pitch-Class)
opx ("OP" Extended)
re (Real Numbers)
rh (Rhythm)

Dynamic Data Functions
T variable
Data Transformations
ex (p-field extraction)
ho (hold)
mo (move)
ms (move sets)
se (sets)
s2 (sets2)
ra (random)
rw (random window)

Include Files
Macros (text-based)
Macros (Numeric) / Expressions

Output Formatting
Index of Commands

About nGen