Mikel Kuehn - Works

Etchings (2007), for Modular Saxophone Quartet (SSTT).

Here is a demo recording of this work by the Module Quartet (Paris, February 2013):

Etchings (2009) for saxophone quartet (SSTT). The Module Quartet (Demo).

This work is available from Resolute Music

Program Note

Etchings, for saxophone quartet (two sopranos and two tenors) was commissioned by the Anubis Saxophone Quartet (Allison Balcetis, Ryan Muncy, Sean Patayanikorn, and David Wegehaupt) for the 2009 World Saxophone Congress in Bangkok, Thailand. The title stems from the idea of using the unique resonant aspects of the saxophone (such as multiphonics) as a structural basis for the pitch material in the piece; hence, the pitch material is “etched” into the spectral content of the multiphonics. However, the concept of “etching” is reflected in two other aspects of the piece: etched over the multiphonics is also an eight-note motivic pitch idea that occurs as both melodic and harmonic elements. A rhythmic motive is also present, which occurs on both micro and macro formal levels. Formally, the work is divided into an exposition, a series of duos, and three “chorales” concluding in a climactic ensemble section followed by a coda.


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