Mikel Kuehn - Works

Unfoldings (2004), for solo guitar (Dan Lippel, guitar):

Unfoldings (2004) for solo guitar. Dan Lippel, guitar.

Program Note

Unfoldings, for solo guitar, was written in the summer of 2004 for Dan Lippel. This work is the result of extensive research into chords with resonant qualities – specifically, structures using all six strings that contain one or more unison pitches. Partitioned into four large sections (Exposition, Unfolding I, Unfolding II, and Coda), Unfoldings opens with six “base” chords which are slowly embellished and unfolded as time progresses – first as somewhat static verticalities, then as continually quicker-moving abstract linear segments. In the coda, this dichotomy coexists in a peaceful and reflective way. After hearing Lippel perform a solo concert in Cleveland, I was particularly interested in composing something that would showcase his ability to bring out timbral nuance, create lush lyrical phrasing, and project virtuosic clarity.

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