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Chiaroscuro [Hyperresonance II] (2007), for cello and electroacoustics (Craig Hultgren, cello)

Chiaroscuro [Hyperresonance II] (2007), for cello and electroacoustics. Craig Hultgren, cello.

Program Note

Chiaroscuro (2007), for cello and electroacoustics, was commissioned by American cellist Craig Hultgren.  The title (“bright/dark”) comes from the drawing technique that uses shading to create the illusion of depth.  In this intimate piece, I attempt to capture the resonance of the cello from percussive to pitched sounds, creating a palette that stems from one source – the cello – that is further shaded, highlighted, and exaggerated by the electroacoustics.  The five-part structure of Chiaroscuro encompasses three large sections framed by an introduction and coda. The percussive introduction serves to conjure the sound, while the coda is a reflection of the piece as a whole.  The middle section consists of a controlled improvisation using thematic elements found throughout the work.

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Chiaroscuro (2007) for cello and electroacoustics