The link provided below will download a zipfile of two unix command-line set theory applications by Mikel Kuehn. These are:

1) "si" - Statistical information about a pc set including:

    • prime form, 
    • common-tone, interval, and invariance vectors
    • Morris set-class inclusion table

2) "setop" - Interactive pc set program. Features include:

    • operations such as T, I, R, M, MI, and "r"
    • invariance, interval, and common tone vectors
    • rotational array
    • bipNs
    • Morris set-class inclusion table, and more!

Both applications are complied for Mac OS 10.5 (and above) and Windows 7 (and above), Intel. They run in the Terminal application (Macs) and in a DOS Command Prompt Window (Windows) .

N.B. You are welcome to download and use these freely but they are provided with no warranties and they are only available for Mac (Intel) and Windows at the moment.  Both programs are Copyright © by Mikel Kuehn, All Rights Reserved.
CLICK HERE to download for Mac OS 10.5 (and above), Intel.
CLICK HERE to download for Windows 7 (and above), Intel.

Here is a screen shot of each:

Screenshot of Kuehn's "setop" ProgramScreenshot of Kuehn's "si" Program